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My Submission for Rising Star 2019

Crafty Capsule, (Based on the lack of a player model) is a stealth game where the player sneaks around a 'lab' finding keys to unlock the exit and escape. The player will need to avoid, distract and run from guards in their search for the Keys.

Disclaimer - There is a hallway which leads to a big open space, this is due to unfinished development.

WASD - Movement

E - Crouch (Would have been used to sneak around a bystander)

P - Sprint (Guards will hear you as you run past them but the detection is a little wonky)

Alt + F4 - Due to time restraints there is no way to exit the game without this.

Keyboard is the only supported controller.


Chirs_Chalk_SFAS19_Crafty_Capsule.zip 26 MB
Chris_Chalk_RS19_Document.pdf 334 kB

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